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About Me


My name is Ryan. I’m an Atlanta native, and work in the social media arena. I’ve been in my current role as a Social Media Product Manager for under a year, and worked specifically in the marketing and social fields a little over 7 years. Prior to that I owned and ran a company that specialized in landscape design and maintenance while attending college. Running your own business at a young age is a roller coaster of life lessons packed into each day. I learned a lot about people, myself, money, time management, and building sales in just a few years.

I really enjoy working in the social media field and meeting new, interesting, extroverted people.  This blog is something I’ve wanted to do for a while but I just recently convinced myself to give it a try.  If you have any feedback, or just want to say “hey” feel free to shoot me an email or post a comment. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are mine and not that of my employer.



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  1. Hi Ryan! Great to see you have a blog. I’ll be interested in following along with your social media knowhow. Great job with HD!—Peter Means

    • Thanks Peter. We share these types of articles internally almost daily, so I figured I’d post some of the content on here for people to read. Thanks for checking it out.

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