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Your Word

January 27, 2010

Ok, so growing up my father always told me that, “my word was my bond”. At 7 I didn’t really understand what that meant or the life lessons it would take me to realize that he was right. Well, 20 years later I could not agree more with my father. A persons “word” is really all they have until they prove otherwise. Being a consultant I have the pleasure of dealing with clients, sales reps, media, PR agents and so on. My business is fast paced, exciting, demanding and rewarding all at the same time. Most of my business, schedule and plans are based on a person’s ability to stand by their word. I define a person’s word as their ability to stand behind what they tell you. If you tell someone you’re going to call, swing by, send an email, make something happen or follow up you’d better do it.

Now that I am old enough to appreciate my time and others I realize the implications of someone not doing what they said they would. It’s quite simply a ridiculous way to conduct business. I totally understand people have issues arise, car problems, dead cell batteries and other goings on that come up, but simply being unprofessional is inexcusable.

By now if you’re guessing I had some issues come up in the recent weeks with people doing what they told me they would you’d be right. I just do not understand people “forgetting” or simply not doing what they said they would do. It’s a reflection of character and shows a lot about a person. I’m not saying I’m perfect, and I’ve definitely missed deadlines and conference calls, but not without knowing the implication of my actions.

Whether in your personal life or the business world you’re only as good as your word or your promises. If you tell someone you’re going to do something you better follow through or know that the next time you cry “team call” no one may be on the other end of the line.


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