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Brands Walking The Human Line

August 17, 2011

One of the greatest things about social media is the ability to humanize a large brand to a mass audience. It’s really cool to interact with companies as large as Coke or Delta on social sites. It’s even more fun when they talk to you like a real person would. Well, I’m a bit of a nerd so it’s cool to me. No one wants a lame, boiler plate response to a praise or complaint. It’s boring, disingenuous and for the most part a turnoff. With the expectation that brands are accessible in the social space we’re all getting used to conversations with otherwise nameless corporations. It’s been an interesting shift to say the least.

Now, keep in mind some brands have an easier time being “cool” on social sites due to the nature of their business. With all the information and fun-loving conversations taking place; there is a struggle going on behind the scenes. How much casual conversation is too much? Do people really want to have fun, joke and interact with a company like they would a real person? I can tell you from my experience that most do, but some don’t. For me it’s refreshing to know I’m speaking to a person and not some Twitter bot. It’s important for Community and Social Managers to remember who their audience is. We’re constantly gut checking ourselves on content, and messaging we’re about to use. You have to because you owe it to your communities. No community is the same, and each brand deals with its own opportunities. Remember who you’re talking to and you should be just fine.

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