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A Day At The LA Auto Show

November 19, 2011

me 911

I was fortunate enough to attend one of the press days at the LA Auto Show this week, and needless to say I had a blast. This was my first big industry show, so you can imagine what sort of googly-eyed, auto-induced haze I meandered around in. With all the shiny steel and new designs it was easy to get sucked into one manufacturers area. After walking well over 5 miles, and seeing everything from a dancing hamsters to a full sized Mini Cooper slot machine I was beat. As I boarded a plane back to Atlanta that evening I found myself reminiscing of a few particulars from the day.

Here are the 5 most interesting things that come to mind from the day.

1. Matte is in! You know a new finish is moving into the scene when BMW, Mercedes, and Aston Martin are all sporting the look.
The new BMW M5 sporting a beautiful silver matte finish. It looked almost like polished steel.
matte m5

Aston Martin had the most unique matte finish with this beautiful white, that was acceded by the black body panels, and wheels.
aston martin

The SLS grabs attention anywhere it goes, but the matte silver finish on this roadster had my attention from the second I saw it.
sls 2
sls 1

2. The life-sized Mini Cooper slot machine was a riot, and something I’ve really grown to expect and appriceate from such an innovative and irreverent brand. Too bad I didn’t win a JWC.

3. Now of course Porsche had some amazing cars on display, but the most unique part of their participation in the show was their exhibit itself. The exhibit wasn’t really part of the show, but rather it was off to the side as to say, “We’re different than the rest”, or perhaps “We forgot to reserve a marquee space, and we’re winging it.” Either way, it worked to their benefit as they were able to build this entirely unique experience that felt like nothing else at the show. Very Porsche of them.
porsche 2

4. Probably the most surprising car I saw at the show was this C63 AMG Black. This car reached out, slapped me, and grabbed my attention from 50 yards away. I just love watching a manufacturer step outside the box and push the limits of their brand all while keeping the price and usability of the car well within reason.
cl black

5. Electrified autos were a common thread woven throughout the show, but some manufacturers were already kicking their flux-capacitors into overdrive. Audi had the most drastic of electric cars on display with the e-tron Spyder.
etron spyder
etron 2
Audi did balance the drastic looking Spyder with the ever so popular e-tron A3. After owning an A3 I couldn’t help but love this car as I sat there staring at it in the middle of the crowded show.

Of course BMW had a really cool full electric 1 series on display that would grab you simply because of the motherboard-like graphics all over the car.

It was an amazing day, full of hundreds of unique cars. I can only hope to go to a few more shows in 2012 and watch the evolution of the industry first hand.

  1. Hey Ryan.
    Matte finish looks cool. I can’t wait to see this up close and personal. This look on bikes is both oddly unfinished and bad-ass at the same time. Cars are different though. New trend?

    • I definitely think it’s a new trend, and I’m a fan. I like the way it makes the car stand out, but I don’t know how easy/hard it would be to clean.

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