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Time To Move

January 29, 2012

for sale

We’ve been in our current home almost six years, and we really love the neighborhood. We’re within one mile of numerous grocery stores, Starbucks, a few restaurants, and every type of small specialty store you can think of. The only real downside to Woodstock is the commute into the city. “So what?” you might say. Well, my wife and I both work inside the perimeter, and so we spend a collective three hours in our cars every day. Multiply that times 5 days per week and that’s a minimum of 15 hours per week. If you really want to get nauseous that’s 30 full days we spend sitting in our cars each year. That’s assuming we take 2 weeks vacation every year. It’s sickening. Not to mention that we’re spending about $300.00 (at current fuel prices) per month on gas just to get to work.

Ok, now that I’ve bored you with basic math, and the sadness that is our commute I will say we’re not hell-bent on selling the house. We’re simply going to try, and see what comes of it. Stay tuned for some tips, and lessons learned when preparing to sell your home.

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  1. Jacob Montgomery permalink

    We’re in the same bacon boat ourselves, Ryan. Although our reasons are a bit different (outgrew the house, value has dropped off the face of the earth and don’t want to continue throwing good money after bad), we are about to do the same with ours…we’ll see what happens…hope we can see y’all soon..

    Jake and Lindsey

    • Jake, I feel you man. It’s tough to think about selling in this market. We’re fortunate that our home isn’t totally underwater, but it’s not going to leave us with much equity. We’ll probably rent for a year just to get a better idea of the market and location we want to buy our next home.

      Hope to see you guys soon. Tell Lindsey we said “Hey.”

  2. Urban life is very different than Suburban. The question is… do you really want to live in the city? If cost is why you are moving closer, at least here in Chicago it is much more $$$ to live in Cook County.

  3. Chris, I hear you. The cost is more, but the quality of life (not being in the car for 1-2- hours per day), and the savings in fuel almost offset it. City living here isn’t quire like Chicago city living in terms of price and population density, but it’s something to consider. We’ll probably rent for a while just to get our bearings.

    Hope you’re well, and staying warm in the northern tundra. HAHA.


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