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Chicago Auto Show Fun

February 13, 2012

The Chicago Auto Show can be summed up in one word. Huge. The show is massive, and full of some amazing vehicle displays you won’t see anywhere else. The auto manufacturers bring out a lot of inventory, and really take advantage of all the space McCormick Place has to offer. The things you’ll see in Chicago that you probably won’t see at any other show include Jeep’s indoor rock garden, Chrysler’s indoor racetrack, and Ram’s indoor truck playground.

The show has all the usual goodies and a few extras, but what really makes it fun is the ability to see and explore so many different variations of vehicles. One person described it as a “manufacturers showroom where you see almost every model in every trim.” That’s not that far off. Chicago is a show where you won’t see many exotics, but you will find some over the top vehicle displays, and more vehicles than you can possibly remember.

Jeep’s rock garden
Jeep 1
Jeep 2

Mopar’s 426 crate motor
Mopar 426

Dodge Challenger

Ford’s Laguna Seca Mustang
Laguna Seca Mustang

Dueling Cobras

Lexus GS project
Lexus GS

Lexus LF LC
Lexus LF LC

BMW 5-Series Hybrid
BMW Hybrid

2012 Ford Focus
Focus yellow

A slew of Lexus LFAs
Lexus LF

The new Mustand 5.0 rocking a cool shaker hood
Ford shaker hood

The 2012 911
Porsche 911

Just one of the many SRT cars

A few from the massive Ram Trucks display
Ram Trucks 2
Ram trucks

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  1. Gotta love that Hemi crate motor. Except for the EFI/manifold that takes me back a few decades.

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