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My Honda S2000

August 31, 2011

It’s time to let another toy go. In short, the S2000 has been a blast to drive and I hate to see it go. I’ve wanted an S2000 since I saw the first Fast And The Furious movie back in 2001. Yeah, I know the movie was pretty awful, but for gear heads it was a fun movie to watch with some really cool cars. Both the Ford Lightning and the S2000 caught my attention, and I’ve officially owned and love both.

The car handles very well, which you’d expect from a low-slung roadster. The surprising characteristics came when I drove the car through the nasty Atlanta streets. The suspension had great feedback, but not too much. The ride was surprisingly smooth despite the stiffer springs and low-profile tires. The trunk has enough room for your clubs, so couple that with not so brutal ride and you get a fun car that a retiree can take to the links or a thrill-seeker can take to the track.

main pic

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  1. Christopher Baccus permalink

    I remember selling my Z3 that was a tough day. Two years later I bought a 335i convertible and well I don’t miss the Z3 as much any more.

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