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Make The Call

September 15, 2011

The Unknown

The “unknowns” in life can be a real mind-screw at times. It’s human nature to want to know what’s next or what may be behind a tough decision. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a crystal ball and we can only speculate as to what may be. This is usually where your gut feeling comes in if you’re anything like me. I’ve relied on my gut to get me through some rather tough decisions and it’s typically panned out well. However, there are times when you’re just not sure what to do, and no amount of dwelling or contemplating will help you make a decision.

My trick is simple. It’s to go with what you know. You can assume your way into the future or make educated decisions based on what you know to be true. The assumption method will leave you in the dark and possibly make you look like an ASS-ume. Take what you know, make a decision and go with it. Don’t second guess, don’t waffle and definitely don’t assume. Give that a try the next time you’re conflicted and see how it turns out.

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