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The Woodfire Experience

September 17, 2011

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We finally did it. Emily and I were able to get reservations at Woodfire Grill for our anniversary. We’ve tried a few times to get into Chef Kevin Gillespie’s restaurant, but it’s typically booked weeks or months in advance. The restaurant was everything you’d expect from a top-rated restaurant in the city. The food was divine, and by far the best meal I’ve ever had.

The food, atmosphere, and wine were simple, well thought-out and paired perfectly. We went with the Chef’s 7-course grand tasting on a recommendation from Melissa Libby. Melissa knows food, and manages Woodfire’s PR efforts, so I knew she’d steer us in the right direction.

You expect greatness going to a place like Woodfire Grill, but they have a secret that makes them a step above the rest. What puts this dining experience above all others is the level of customer service and pride the staff takes with the guests. The staff was amazing, and even went as far as calling me the afternoon of our reservation to see if we were celebrating anything special. When we arrived to our table that evening we had personalized menus waiting for us, as well as an amazing amuse-bouche compliments of the chef.

Our Sommelier recommended a great old-vine red Zinfandel to accompany dinner, and our server was spot on with the plates. The whole experience was more than I could have hoped for. We even had the pleasure of shaking the Chef’s hand on the way out and thanking him for an amazing anniversary dinner.

This was definitely one of the better evenings we’ve had in the past four years. We can now check the box on a Top Chef dining experience.


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