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Hanging Up My Apron

September 26, 2011

sock puppet
It’s bitter-sweet when you decide to leave something you know well for uncharted waters. I’ve decided to take another path with another local company here in Atlanta. The past year with The Home Depot team was an amazing experience to say the least. The knowledge I’ve gained and the friendships I’ve made will be life-long. I can honestly say that after all I’ve learned I still can’t use a sock puppet to save my life. It’s been refreshing to work for people who truly “get” social media and the value it brings the company.

I’ve been fortunate enough to be part of the madness that ensues when you grow a team of 30, from scratch. The social efforts at Home Depot are about to take on a whole new face in a very exciting way. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of that growth, and now I’ll get to watch it evolve from the outside looking in.

It’s been an awesome ride and I’m very grateful for the opportunities I had with the Home Depot team. Keep knocking it out of the park guys.

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  1. Travis Poore permalink

    I have noticed over the past 20+ years at Home Depot that the BEST ONES always leave. I also realize that they always leave a legacy. Thank you Ryan. You will always shine through, everywhere that you’ve been.

    I’ll miss you.


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