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Tripppin In The Bahamas – You Call This A Vacation?

December 23, 2012

A continuation from my earlier post,

Screen shot 2012-12-22 at 9.59.21 AM

Now, let me preface by saying that these aren’t normal vacations like 99% of the world takes. It takes a special breed of person to come on a trip like this. There are no guarantees when you set out on a trip that you pulled out of thin air and completely made up. You may end up holed up in a dive bar for 10 days waiting out nasty storms, being sick from contaminated water, or flying in insanely expensive parts on a bush plane for the boat that you broke the day before. Turns out only one of those actually happened, but all of them have happened to me at some point in my travels. The people you choose to invite may end up hating you for dragging them along and asking them to spend a small fortune to finance a trip from hell. On the flipside, when it all works out the experience is nothing short of life-altering excitement and fun. One phone call and we had our usual rag-tag crew of wanna-be island dwellers locked down for better or worse. It was time to load and go. Knowing that everyone’s schedules wouldn’t work out we determined that it was best to take half the crew over by boat and have the other folks fly in. That way, the boat would be light enough to make the trip safely and everyone could enjoy the ride over without being crowded.

Tickets were booked, and the boat was prepped after some serious hustling by Lane and I. Boats are never really 100%, but that’s another post for another day. By the time the week rolled around we were all so excited we couldn’t’ stand it. I was both nervous, and excited for “the crossing”. The boat was plenty capable, but I had doubts about my skills. Of course, no one knew how nervous I was because that wouldn’t be a good thing to show my wife, family or passengers. Whenever you set out to do something new it’s always a challenge, but this was unique since I’d have other people’s lives in my hands. For those of you who came on the trip that are reading this now… I never had a doubt. Ha.

Lane and I making some last-minute mods
boat prep

You can find the next part of the journey here,

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