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Tripppin In The Bahamas – On The Road Again

December 24, 2012

A continuation from my earlier post,

on the road

Ok, so we left Atlanta for our boat ramp in West Palm Beach, which was a mere 600 miles away. Once my Dad, Lane and I hit the road we were in high spirits, and the nerves calmed a bit as I looked back on all the planning we’d done. The run-of-show was to drive to Orlando, pick up Rusty and Sarah on the side of the Turnpike, and keep making our way to West Palm. Once we stopped off at our usual “road trip Chipotle” we finally made it to the rest stop to get the hoodlums that would accompany us on the remainder of the trip. Rusty and Sara were more than ready to get on the road after hanging out with the local Floridians at the travel plaza. A part of me still thinks that they love the local trucker lingo. A few more hours and we had the boat in the water loaded to the hilt, fueled up and the truck stowed in a safe spot in the parking lot for the next 10 days. Time to go!

Our first boat fuel bill for the trip
a little fuel

Ok, well it wasn’t really time to go, because it was dusk, and the sun was setting after an 11-hour day on the road. Fortunately, we were smart enough to plan for a hotel and we shacked up at the Sail Fish Marina for the evening. We tied the boat up, ordered some drinks at the bar, and proceeded to unload the roughly 2k pounds of gear we’d packed. Ironically, this was the part of the trip I was the most concerned about since boats like ours love to disappear in South Florida. It’s so bad that insurance premiums for triple-engine boats are about 7X more in Miami than they are in Georgia. The boat was tied up, and we were happy to finally have the first major leg of the trip complete.

Pulling into Sailfish Marina

You can find the next part of the journey here,

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